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Self-love & Compassion Coach, Intuitive Guide, Yogini, Starseed, Spiritual Activist, Woman, & Friend.

To live your best life, you must receive love – your own love.

Love is our birthright. We seek it because we deserve it. Open up to more love in your life, by learning to love yourself, unconditionally.

Liz is a Self-Love & Compassion Coach – guiding women on their own path of sacred connection. Sharing tools & techniques on how to release your inner critic, self-judgements, defensive mechanisms, and limiting beliefs which keep you from living and receiving a life FULL of love.

We ALL seek love, acceptance and approval because nothing feels as good as being loved.

But there are no guarantees on what our external experiences and relationships will offer us and whether it will even last. We can receive love, but also pain, disappointment & confusion.

We cannot control what is outside of us.

But we can return to the love within us to be a constant source of love, acceptance & belonging.

Nothing is as liberating as giving yourself your own love.

Her-Story – a Personal Journey of Self-Love

Liz qualified as a Solicitor in September 2010. She was 27 years old and had wanted to be a Solicitor since she was 13. She was not spiritual. She was anti-religious. She was cynical and romantic. Smart, but idealistic. Keeping up with the pressures of life but secretly falling apart.

In January 2011 (around her Saturn return, which she did not know was a thing at the time), her life began to implode. She lost her 4-year relationship, her home and her self-built security. Next, the dream legal job began to lead her into a decline into ill-health, triggering her deeply buried low self-esteem. Fighting against insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, acid reflux and flawed love affairs, she continued to slog her way through her grey, heavy life. Until in April 2015, she finally broke. And she quit. She headed to an Ashram, in India, armed with all her baggage (including an overpacked back pack (“the Beast”)), naively believing yoga would provide solace and healing. It did. But it also turned her, and her World, totally upside down.

Returning to the UK in November 2015, an enthusiastic yoga teacher and spiritual seeker, she began to share her lessons, her vulnerabilities and her mental health experiences, with students, friends, and followers of her blog and social media. Sharing her truth allowed others the space in which to do the same. She built a community, a yoga studio, and a profitable business. However, it was not to last. In June 2017, Liz somehow found her rather claustrophobic Self, chanting in a womb tomb with Shiva Rea, a Druid, and (too many) other fellow seekers. Through a moment of divine guidance from the Goddess, Liz connected to the truth that she had built yet another foundation based on lack, limiting beliefs, and a masculine energetic ‘need to achieve’. And she knew, there and then, with tears rolling down her cheeks, that she needed to leave it all behind. Again.

From October 2017, Liz returned to India and followed the small breadcrumbs towards a deeper connection with the Divine, and to herself. Somehow, she found her voice, singing like a ‘rockstar’ at Kirtan (although she couldn’t sing, so she had judged & believed) during her 300 hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Liz then spent the next 18 months spiralling in deeper descent to the Divine Feminine. Kali had come. Navigating her vicious limiting beliefs, Liz found herself facing her own sexual dysfunction, and uncovered a deep energetic ancestral trauma around sexual assault. She also worked on healing her ‘Original Wound’ with her absent biological father, and the pattern of un-requited and unsatisfying love that had blighted her romantic life choices. She explored tantric healing modalities and energy work in circles with sisters, opening up to various energetic healing experiences including a very awkward and public orgasmic kundalini awakening, whilst chanting to Lalita, in a room full of people, high up in the Himalayas.

After the shame and flustered heat had settled in her cheeks, Liz began to reclaim the woman and the witch she was, and is – the witch that was hidden deep within the limiting ‘professional’ suit.

By late 2018, Liz was rather surprised by the realisation that she is, in fact, psychic & a Starseed here to activate & anchor spiritual light. The rest has yet to unfold.

But it was only after these initial years of dedicated yoga practice, struggling with meditation, and seeking to perfect herself with practice, did Liz finally stumble onto the realisation, cigarettes and red wine in hand, that she is perfect in her imperfections. That there is nothing to fix!

By consistent, dedicated and difficult commitment to self-love, Liz has embraced her shadow work – the reality of spiritual healing work steadfastly, and it is ‘work’ that requires ongoing commitment. She has explored, seen, and felt, the bypassing, the people-pleasing and the ego side of the ‘love and light’ Spiritual World, within and around her. Liz often felt scared, bewildered, and alone in her explorations, despite having friends, sisters and teachers around her. She felt a feminine voice, a truth teller of the spiritual path, the shadow side, was missing. And she knew through her friendships that other women felt the same.

Liz is here to speak her authentic truth, to raise spiritual awareness & connection with her honesty, her humour and her big beating broken open heart. Choosing to love herself, no matter what, has changed her life, bringing in more magic, abundance and love in so many other forms.

This is a time of great change. The World is being forced to wake up to the need to change and how to move from fear into love.

Liz found belief and connection to herself only once she stopped seeking it from around her. The only way to find deeper meaning and purpose in this life is to go within – to face yourself, to know yourself, to heal yourself, through self-love and surrender (no matter how begrudgingly)!

Love is always the answer. And love is boundless when you go within.

Thank you for bearing witness to my journey and my unique expression. I look forward to witnessing YOURS.

Much love x


Liz offers women 1:1 coaching sessions, and group sessions in her women’s circles. Personal Intuitive tarot readings are available, alongside free advice, support & guidance shared in her blogs, YouTube channel, Telegram & email community.

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